K – Only Human (English)

Wow, I am too bored for my own good. Here I go again, with matching English lyrics to K’s “Only Human.”

Only Human
Artist: K
English lyrics: Taelin

They said there’s a smile, a smile that’s bittersweet
Opposite from hurt, it lies beyond the sea

They said there’s a smile, a smile that’s bittersweet
Opposite from hurt, it lies beyond the sea
Up ahead the path, about to reach that place
What lies there, beyond this road, waiting for me?

Should have flew, beyond the sky
Never tried, but ran away

Chase this dream, never turn back
All along, back on that summer day

If I saw what the furture was, I wouldn’t be able to breathe
I’ll move on, don’t look back, to the past
Go against, like a boat, the strong tide

Some say there a place, a place that’s full of pain
Happiness awaits, in a corner deep inside
I’m still searching for, a silent memory
A lonely heart, a ragged breath, all at the end

Waiting for the sun to shine
As I slowly clench my fists
Tears would fall when nothing’s there
Falling down, onto my blood-stained hands

If I’m used to being lonely
Will I find my soul in the moon?
If I fly, far away, with my broken wings
Maybe then, I’ve move on, far ahead

If the sky, suddenly, were to cry
Then the road ahead, won’t be dry
Paths ahead, will be tough, in the deep darkness
I’ll find strength, I’ll have hope, from the light
I’ll fight on, in my mind, I’ll find me


Utada Hikaru – Prisoner of Love (English)

I was bored today, so I decided to make my own English version of the song! It should match the Japanese lyric’s accents and beats, and the meaning is pretty close, since I was looking at an English translation of it.

Now we people who don’t know Japanese can sing along too! I wonder what the real English version sounds like (because, according to Utada’s blog, an English version was written before the Japanese version).

Here, and enjoy. If you are going to post it somewhere else, credit me (if anyone even reads this blog..).

Prisoner of Love
Composer: Utada Hikaru
English lyrics: Taelin

When all your words fade, you become so distant
Indifferent, laughing ’til you feel sick
Having nothing but fun; you once did say

Blue as the sky is my heart
Seeking calm within myself, in a sea full of storms
Feeling lost and scared in here, had enough of this pain
Always chasing down this shadow of our love

Since, then you appeared, right into my life, my days are starting to shine now
Indifferent days are all but gone, all thanks to you
All loneliness gone, all suffering lost, you taught me everything in life
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Through the painful hours, through the healthy days ahead; let’s work them out
Even if it’s hailing, raining heavy today; we’ll talk it through

I’m gonna tell you the truth
I have chosen this untaken path, full of thorns
You are here supporting me, through the ups and the downs
You’re the only one that I can call a friend

Fake acts of strength, false shows of greed; They all are meaningless to me
Everyday I’ve been in love with you; since on that day
Whenever I’m free, with time to spare, I just don’t want to be alone
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Oh…just hang in there with me
Don’t you give up
Oh…please don’t leave me; just stay here with me

This reality, cruel as it’d be, we won’t be torn too far apart
You and I, we’ll even be closer together
And somehow, just some way, I know we can stand firm
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Every day, all the time, things will shine so brightly
I fell in love that day, you stole my heart
A loney soul, the constant pain; everything I can deal with now
I’m just a prisoner of love
Just a prisoner of love

Stay with me, stay with me
My baby, say you love me
Stay with me, stay with me
Don’t leave me, all alone here

K – Only Human

“Only Human” starts out with K singing a cappella, and then the piano comes in after the beginning fades away. The rest of the song consists of a light accompaniment with K’s vocals. The song has a sad, depressing tone to it. Actually, it’s one of those songs that can make me cry (the other song on this list being “My Heart Will Go On”).

Like many others, I had first come across this song in the Japanese drama, “One Litre of Tears.” I think the lyrics of “Only Human” match the main character’s (Aya) very well. Even though she has a terminal illness, she still has an optimistic view towards things. The last line, “I’ll move forward, and be strong,” ends the song with a strong message.

To be put simply, “Only Human” is truly beautiful.

Overall Rating:


Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION

Release Date: March 19, 2008
  1. Fight The Blues
  2. Heart Station
  3. Beautiful World
  4. Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-
  5. Stay Gold
  6. Kiss & Cry
  7. Gentle Beast Interlude
  8. Celebrate
  9. Prisoner Of Love
  10. Take 5
  11. Boku wa Kuma
  12. Niji-iro Basu
  13. Flavor Of Life
1. Fight the Blues
I thought this was a nice opening song. It sets the “happy-but-not-really” mood of this album, cleverly deceiving people who can’t understand Japanese (like me, sadly). It’s a stark contrast to her Ultra Blue material, with the main instrument being drums, and lots of backup vocals. Not much synth here. It’s unfortunately not my favourite song in the album, but it follows up to Heart Station quite well.
It took me awhile to like this song when I first heard it on the single “HEART STATION/Stay Gold.” This song slowly grew on me though, especially after I found out what the lyrics were talking about. It’s interesting that you can ‘communicate’ with a loved one you haven’t seen in a while with secret hertz from the heart. This song is really symbolic in my opinion, and the PV is interesting too (I must get those headphones from the PV…).
3. Beautiful World
I don’t know why, but this song is addicting. You can’t hear the strain in her voice as you could in Flavor of Life anymore from Utada United. Beautiful World has a nice beat to it, and the melody is very catchy too. I think this is the theme song for the movie “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” or at least one of them. The lyrics are depressing, to say the least. Very ironic, since the song itself is quite upbeat.
4. Flavor of Life -Ballad Version-
I blame this song for getting me to watch season 1 and 2 of Hana Yori Dango. As I said in Beautiful World, her voice seemed strain as she sings ‘The flavor of life..”; no wonder why she used her lower register for the verses. I like her lower register though, even though she can work on making it cleaner. The lyrics really match the heroine of HYD though (keep in mind this was used for season 2 of Hana Yori Dango). The first LINE alone is depressing: “”Arigatou” to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai” (When you say thank you to me, for some reason, it hurts;). I prefer this to the original version, since the strings add a mellow feel onto this sad song.
5. Stay Gold
I loved the piano part in the beginning, and the melody of the chorus. The song has a really soothing feel to it..must be her voice. She’s really worked on her lower register since Flavor of Life, and the lyrics are clearer this time around. I heard that she got the idea for this song from Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing gold can stay.” I personally liked this song more than HEART STATION.
6. Kiss & Cry
I didn’t like this song, and I don’t like it now. It has a very heavy percussion part in it, and the brass chord at the beginning was so…WOAH. She used part of the melody of Hotel Lobby in this song. The lyrics are definitely..SHE SINGS ABOUT CUP NODDLES. I’ll stop here, and move onto the next song.
7. Gentle Beast Interlude
Not much I can say about it, except it leads in very well to Celebrate.
8. Celebrate
This song sorta takes me back to her Automatic days; it’s rather R&B compared to her newer material. The “Mr. DJ” part reminded me of a song…except I can’t place my finger on which song as of right now. I wish they had lyric translations for this, so I could comment on the lyrics.
9. Prisoner of Love
In my opinion, Prisoner of Love seemed more American than the rest of the album. Maybe it’s the fact that it was written in English first. This song sort of reminds me of the theme song for the dorama Unfair. It’s a nice ballad that slightly upbeat. As I said in Celebrate, I wished this song was translated, so I could understand the lyrics better. Well, I hope there will be an English version of this song on her next English album. This song is a song you could listen to for hours.
10. Take 5
Take 5 is seriously hypnotic (yes, I know, I have problems), and I LOVE THIS SONG. It reminds me of her Ultra Blue days, with the fantasy-like feeling (kind of like Passion maybe?). I heard this song talks about death; hence the sudden ending? That’s the only part that annoyed me in this song.
11. Boku wa Kuma
Wow, this song is just so random. One minute, Take 5 is talking about death, and then, suddenly, we have BOKU WA KUMA drilled into our heads. This song is really cute (I’m a bear, bear, bear, bear/Not a car, a bear, bear, bear). The French in this song is rather random too. I personally think Utada was on drugs while writting this song.
12. Niji-iro Basu
Rainbow-coloured bus indeed! This song has a nice beat to it, making it alluring for some reason. The lyrics talk about escaping reality in a rainbow-coloured bus. Apparently, this song has an analog beat to it (I have no idea what this means). Ah well, it’s a nice listen anyway.
13. Flavor of Life
I won’t comment on this, since the ballad version is about the same thing, and I didn’t really like this song in the first place..
Overall Rating: