Ostuka Ai – Planetarium

Release Date: September 21, 2005


1. Planetarium
2. drop.
3. Planetarium (Instrumental)
4. drop. (Instrumental)

Planetarium has to be my favourite song from Otsuka (and the first song I’ve heard from her too, in the Japanese Drama, Hana Yori Dango). First, the drums begin the piece, then a deut between the flute and piano take over until Otsuka starts singing. This would have been so much better if she actually put some emotions into this song (makes it more heartbreaking too). Eh, too bad then. The lyrics are so romantic and cliched, but so depressing at the same time. The speaker (wow, poetry terms much?) wants to reach the person they love, but they are too far away. I love the melody the most though. It’s just gorgeous.

The b-side, drop., brings us back to the pop-rock style that Otsuka is so fond of. Her voice seems heavily mixed, and it sounds kiddier than usual (which slightly scares me). This song is so happy; happy to the point where it is starting to scare me.

Overall Rating:


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