Hoshimura Mai – Shunkan, Strobe

Release Date: May 30, 2007


1. Shunkan, Strobe.
2. Anata ≧ Atashi
3. Sakura Biyori -Piano Version-
4. Shunkan, Strobe. (Instrumental)

Ahhh, Hoshimura, you are always so original. Shunkan, Strobe. is a unique song, especially in the chorus. My favourite part is the staccato melody in the beginning of the chorus. Like a lot of her songs, this song has a strong piano accompaniment, which suits the mood nicely. However, Hoshimura’s vocal power seems to be lacking in Shunkan, Strobe. Other than the chorus, this song is pretty pales in comparison to some of her other songs.

Is Anata ≧ Atashi supposed to be some sort of math equation…? (Question marks appear over Taelin’s head.) This song has a jazzy feel to it, bring back some of Hoshimura’s old style from her debut album. It has a carefree melody that carries itself through the piece in the same consistant manner. Too bad it’s just a bit too…consistant, to the point of boredom.

Ooooo, Sakura Biyori -Piano Version- is even prettier than the original verison, since it’s just the piano accompaning Hoshimura’s vocals. As with all acoustic versions, it loses that dramatic feeling, but it’s pretty nonetheless. And s***, it’s short too…

Overall Rating:


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