Fukuhara Miho – Yasashii Aka

Release Date: November 5, 2008


1. Yasashii Aka
3. Himawari -Acoustic Version-
4. Yasashii Aka -Instrumental-

Yasashii Aka is a ballad, but it has that power that Fukuhara always brings in. The background music consists of a typical band, but her voice is never covered by it. Rather, they nicely compliment each other (it’s hard to find a strong singer in the popular music industry these days). Also, in addition to the band, there are also some strings in the background after the chorus for the emotional effect. Fukuhara’s voice is as strong as ever, but it seems to lack emotion (maybe it’s from her lack of vibrato that some singers use for emotion). Nonetheless, a very strong A-side.

We revert back to Fukuhara’s souful roots with UPSIDE DOWN: an upbeat, edgy song. The background music sounds like something out of Hoshimura’s older album (must be because of the piano in the background); the thumping beats bring out the character of the song very well. Fukuhara’s vocals sound freer when singing this genre, rather than the ballads she sings. (I guess everyone has their natural element…)

Ah, what do we have here? Himawari -Acoustic Version- is calmer than the original version, and ohmigod, I just fell in love with the piano accompaniment. Fukuhara’s voice is also calmer in this version, to suit the mood an acoustic instrument brings. Although it lacks the power of the original, the acoustic version has its own charm (maybe something you would listen to while watching the stars or something…I’m not a country girl; I wouldn’t know how that’d actually feel like…*rambles*)

Overall Rating:


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