Gackt – Jesus (Dears version)

Release Date: November 26, 2008


1. Jesus (Single MA)
2. Sayonara -ЯR II ver.-
3. Jesus (Single MA Instrumental)
4. Sayonara -ЯR II ver.- (Instrumental)

Jesus (Single MA) starts off with an awesome guitar introduction, followed by some ‘Hey!’ shouting. Ah, real rock music always warms the soul. As soon as Gackt’s voice comes in, the whole song just comes to life. His voice is as awesome as usual; there’s always this power behind his voice. You just have to listen to this song with some volume, or else the charm just won’t be there. The interlude talk-‘screaming’ part was pretty interesting, to say the least, but Gackt just jumps back into the song after that and overflows the song with energy. Gackt+ Rock = ❤  <— an equation to remember!

Unlike the rock song before it, Sayonara -ЯR II ver.- is a ballad with sparse accompaniment (just an acoustic piano). Well, we can just focus on Gackt’s voice here, which is softer here, unlike the harshness of the previous song. Actually, I think I’ve fallen in love with his voice! It’s just so gentle in this song, and suits the melody perfectly (well, he did write it himself!). Half way through the song, a string instrument (it sounds eastern because of the timbre, but I’m not sure) has its own solo that is just beautifully stunning. After that, Gackt comes back in with the chorus, and thus ending the song. PRETTY SONG =)


Overall Rating:

Gackt. is. pure. WIN!



  1. I’m not that great a fan of this, even though “Jesus” is amazing in its own right. Sayonara is better, though.

    Happy to see someone else enjoys Gackt as much as I do.

  2. Gackt is overrated and yet underrated at the same time xD.

  3. Lol. Taelin said it best! XD

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