Rie fu – Romantic

Release Date: November 12, 2008


1. Romantic
2. In The Airplane
3. Money Will Love You

The beginning of Romantic has a synth, but also a string feeling to it. It’s quite different from what I’m used to hearing, but I like it so far, along with Rie fu’s vocals. Her voice always has this folk edginess to it, which is a nice bonus. The melody of this song is fast paced, but also has a certain laidbackness to it. It’s very different from her other works, I must say. I can get used to this new style! Especially when Rie fu goes into her upper register.

In The Airplane has a nice piano and wind introduction that later adds some strings into it. It’s another song in the style of Romantic, which is a nice change for Rie fu. As usual, her vocals are awesome, but they seem a bit held back in this song. She lacks a certain power behind her voice here, but it’s still okay nonetheless. And holy crap, it’s short!

A calm guitar and drum start off Money Will Love You (wow, a weird title). Unlike the previous songs, this song is calmer in style, and more laidback. Money Will Love You is more like Rie fu than the above, since it incorporates the calmness that most of her songs have. It’s okay, but also really short (like, 3 minutes long…).

Overall Rating:

It was an okay single for me, but it didn’t excite me…maybe just something I’d listen to if I had time or something.


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