Gundam 00 (2nd Season) – Episode 22


I sense that the end is coming soon…(Ep. 25 is the last episode.)

The ‘heroic’ speeches each of the Meisters said, completely with cheesy music, made me laugh so badly. *cue dun dun dun* The end is near

YES! RIBBONS IS DEAD! (Well, at least I hope he is. Knowing Sunrise, he probably isn’t.) Man, that guy girl guy girl … THING should just kick the bucket. He bores me. Graham Mr. Bushido should just commit suicide and die as well, because he’s gotten annoying…he was fine in the first season, but now he’s just another mindless soilder.

Is it just me, or do the weapons that the A-Law typical mechas have the same sword has Cornealia’s mecha had in Code Geass? It’s like a cone and very pointy on top…is Sunrise reusing their designs?


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