Welcome to Kuma Korner, where a certain little teddy bear finds inner peace by releasing her editor’s wraith on Asian entertainment. One day, a teddy bear was so bored she decided to make her blog so that she had somewhere to type (this kuma hates writing on paper) her personal thoughts. Thus, Kuma Korner was founded in 2008, a year where everyone spent dissing China for being communists (Note: This bear was made in China).

The young bear’s age is currently unknown, but is infamous for her Coke addiction. She is known for drinking up to 3 cans a day. While she is at it, the bear has decided to describe herself a bit. She is classically trained in both the piano and violin, and plays the oboe in band. When she graduates from high school, the bear has decided to enter a school of music to major in…well, music (obviously). Her interests include drinking Coke (of course), listening to Japanese music, critiquing people who use bad grammar and/or is out of tune, playing random stuff on the piano, playing in orchestra and sometimes, listening to Classical music.

This kuma assures you that no kumas, nor korners were harmed that badly in the making of this blog.



  1. Kk.

  2. Hey! I’m liking the new look of your blog! It’s very nice and keep up the good work. ^^

  3. Thanks; I wanted a softer look to it, and the old look was ugly XD.

  4. Sure! I actually just saw your blog a few hours ago, and it’s very nice. And I love Code Geass too, it’s one of the best animes ever!

  5. hi!

    I have a blog at http://www.stylejapan.wordpress.com. Can we exchange links?

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