Bleach – Ep. 187

This episode definately had a LOT of ‘WTF’ moments. More below. (with spoilers, of course)

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Bleach – Episode 4

Yes, I’m getting lazy, so I’m skipping the summaries from now on.

Scenes worth noticing:

Rukia and the juice box

Poor Rukia, can’t even figure out how to use a juice box. I guess they don’t have that there in Soul Society. It took her quite some time just to find the straw (which is conveniently glued on the box, Rukia-san!). The part where Mizuiro tells Ichigo that he’s only interested in older women is quite funny too, considering the fact that Rukia is WAY older than all of them. Of course, Ichigo’s classmates don’t know that. Too bad for Rukia; before she can ask Asano about the juice box, she is interrupted. Continue reading

Bleach – Episode 3

The episode starts off with a short recap of the last few minutes of the episode 2. Ichigo wonders why Orihime’s brother would want to attack him, but even Rukia is not sure. Judging from the hollow last time, she comes to a conclusion that a more powerful hollow wants to devour his spirit energy, and controls many hollows under him. Ichigo doesn’t want to kill Orihime’s brother, but Rukia tells him that ‘that girl’ (Orihime) is in danger. Continue reading

Bleach – First ED

Nobody knows who I really am
I never felt this empty before
And if I ever need someone to come along,
Who’s gonna comfort me, and keep me strong?
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Bleach – Episode 2

Ichigo gets woken up in a most unusual manner (man, I’d hate it if my dad tried to kill me so early in the morning) and he instantly asks about the wounds that Karin and Yuzu received the night before. Apparently none of them can remember the incident with the hollow, and Ichigo’s dad tells him that a truck crashed into their house last night (as they look at the damage done by the hollow). Ichigo is thoroughly confused at how his family completely forgot the incident the night before, and replaced it with a car crash.

At school, a girl called Orihime has brought a very weird lunch (I wonder how she’ll eat it…), as she walks with another girl, Tatsuki. Ichigo accidently bumps into her, knocking her over. As always, he rudely dismisses it, and gets a scolding from Tatsuki. Ichigo finally asks Orihime (her last name is revealed to be Inoue) if she’s alright, and and offers her a hand (too bad his expression is quite…mean). That scares off Orihime, and she runs off, stuttering that she’s okay. Continue reading

Bleach – Episode 1

The series starts off with a scene in an unknown wasteland, but switches to a girl standing on a telephone pole. As if talking to herself, she says that she ‘senses’ it, and jumps off the pole and towards the city/town. Continue reading