Faye Wong – Eyes on Me

Release Date: February 24, 1999


1. Eyes on Me
2. Read Bean
3. Eyes on Me (Instrumental)

Eyes on Me is such a beautiful, yet sorrowful song, despite the Engrish going around. I’ve always liked stuff that Nobuo Uematsu has composed, and he has done it once again. This song has a stunning, yet simple melody accompanied by your typical pop instrumentals, but not without his trademark strings that make this song beautiful. Faye Wong’s voice really makes this song sound innocent. They aren’t the best I’ve heard, but it’s close to perfect for this song. A truely moving song. (Just in case you didn’t know, Eyes on Me was the vocal theme song for Final Fantasy VIII.)

The next song, Read Bean, is sung in Mandarin (I don’t know why everyone insists it’s in Cantonese…). It’s a really nice song, but her voice sounds way too muffled in here. The instrumentals pratically drown out her voice, which makes it hard to understand the song (and my Mandarin is horrible enough to begin with). Well, the song itself is quite nice, even though it’s a typical C-pop ballad, but is overshadowed by the A-side.

Overall Rating: