Takasugi Satomi & Tatuya Ishii – Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On

Release Date: April 16, 2008


1. Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On 
2. Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On (Duet with TATUYA ISHII version)
3. Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On (Duet with SATOMI TAKASUGI version)
4. Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On (Instrumental)
5. Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On (Image Film version)

All it takes is one note to realize Mahou no Kagi ~The Dream Goes On is from Disney. The melody is simple and pure, but nice on the ears and interesting at the same time. It’s very catchy, but original at the same time. Tatuya’s voice is absolute love (so rich and…awesome :D, with a wonderful vibrato <3), and Takasugi’s voice nicely compliments his own. Of course, this would not be a Disney song without the sweaping chorus lines and wonderful harmonies. How can I explain this…this song sounds so innocent and hopeful at the same time. It brings back good memories from people’s childhood, when we all watched the Disney classics as a kid.

The next two tracks are basically for karaoke, where you get to sing with each singer (Tatuya and then Takasugi respectfully). Lastly, the Image Film version is just a shorter, compressed form of the original.

Overall Rating: