BoA – Merry Christmas from BoA

Release Date: December 7, 2005


1. Meri Kuri
3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Japanese~Korean~English)
4. The Christmas Song
5. First snow
6. Meri Kuri 2005 winter MIX

Ahhh, Meri Kuri is so Christmas-like. It’s one of those songs you listen to by a fireplace (too bad BoA’s voice just lacks the warmth of the classic Christmas song artists). Nonetheless, this song has a certain charm to it, because it’s a power ballad (and as mentioned multiple times, I am a sucker for ballads in general). The melody for this song is quite simple, but it soars in some places, especially when the verse begins to moduate into the chorus. It creates a powerful impact on the listener (except when you finally notice that BoA is REALLY straining on those higher notes).

Here comes the Christmas classic: WHITE CHRISTMAS. I’ve lost track of how many different versions I’ve listened to (heh). The background music is so different from the ones artists usually use (it’s more uplifting), until BoA comes in. In my opinion, she’s singing this song a bit too high up, because it loses some of the warmth of the original song. Also, her voice seems to be lacking some power in this song, because I can sometimes hardly hear her over the background music. I personally enjoy the Evis Presley version of this song, but then again, nothing can compare to the King, right? (xD)

The kiddy classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Japanese~Korean~English), is third on this single…or is it a mini-album? Anyway, I just have to say “WTF” when I first hear this. It’s like a totally rock-ified version of the classic we all love and adore. It is first sung in Japanese, then Korean, and lastly, English. I can’t get used to Rudolph with rock in it…*still in shock*. The beats cover her voice too much, but I must admit it, this version does have its own charm. Re-arranging the melody will NOT be forgiven though!

First of all, nothing can beat Nat King Cole’s original The Christmas Song, but I’ll give this one a chance. This song starts off with some bells, and then the piano comes in. BoA’s Engrish comes in after that, but I must admit that she makes more of an effort to put some warmth into this song than the previous songs. Actually, I like (the) Carpenters’ version of this song better, because Karen Carpenter has the better vocals to do some justice to this timeless classic. I don’t like it >=(.

First snow begins with a sole piano, before all the rest of the instrumentals come in. BoA goes back to singing Japanese after the last song, which makes it better for me (I can’t stand Engrish). Like the first song, First snow is a typical winter ballad. Actually, it’s a little hard to tell the difference between the two, except for the fact that First snow is a bit more mellow than Meri Kuri.

Last up is Meri Kuri 2005 winter MIX. This version is just basically an acoustic verison of the original. I like this mix better though ^^.

Overall Rating:


BoA – Winter Love

Release Date: November 1, 2006


1. Winter Love
2. Candle Lights
4. Winter Love (TV MIX)
5. Candle Lights (TV MIX)

Winter Love is one long song… Anyway, this is another ballad by BoA, though I like her usage of the lower register in this song. Like her usual ballads, Winter Love has calm verses, but a sweeping chorus (added emotional effect, I think). The accompaniment is typical synth; I wish there were some acoustic instruments, like a cello or something (like in Everlasting). As for BoA’s voice, as I have stated above, she starts lower than usual, but then regains her typical voice. It is sometimes covered byt the background music, but still has power behind it. This song leaves a deep impression on me, because I think this is the first song I heard from BoA.

And yet another Christmas song. Candle Lights has a neat guitar introduction that sets the mood of the song wonderfully. Unlike the A-side, this song is a bit more laidback, but still a ballad nonetheless. I love the accompaniment for this song (can’t get enough of the guitar solos~), but the melody is quite nicely sung too. It seems that BoA is straining on some the higher notes though (seems forced).

Finally! Something that actually sounds like a Christmas song. LAST CHRISTMAS is a cover done by BoA on the famous song of the same name. Her English is suprisingly good, even though there is an accent (at least I can understand her most of the time). BoA’s voice seems to be a bit weaker in this song though; must be because she’s focusing on getting the English.

Overall Rating:

Y’all know what TV Mixes are right? If not, they’re just snippets of the original, so I won’t be reviewing them.

BoA – Everlasting

Release Date: January 18, 2006


1. Everlasting
2. Soundscape
3. Everlasting (classical ver.)
4. Everlasting (TV MIX)
5. Soundscape (TV MIX)

Everlasting is a simple ballad that starts off quite calmly, with sparse accompaniment. BoA’s voice is slightly nasal in this song though. The melody is very pretty, and as the verse goes into the chorus, there’s this enormous power-up (god, I sound like a gamer). The chorus is filled with power and passion, though the accompaniment slightly overpowers BoA’s voice. Everlasting is a very powerful and moving ballad, something BoA does really well as a vocalist.

In contrast to Everlasting, Soundscape is more upbeat and laid back. This is more like BoA’s usual works, but it has a really catchy melody…a very Korean melody. It’s like an insert song in a Korean drama or something. The layering of the voices has a neat effect, and makes the main melody that much more powerful. BoA’s voice is more girly than the last song, and is more like her typical singing voice.

Everlasting (classical ver.) has a wonderful cello solo at the beginning that is hard to pass by (*drools*). This is an acoustic and more mellow version of Everlasting. It’s a lot calmer than the original, but it loses the charm of the power-up in the chorus. At least BoA finally takes the lead in this version.

Overall Rating:

BoA – Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-

Release Date: March 13, 2002


1. Every Heart -minna no kimochi-
2. Every Heart (English Version)
3. LISTEN TO MY HEART (Ken Harada’s TB-Bassin’ Remix)
4. Every Heart -minna no kimochi- (Instrumental Version)

Yeeesh, yeesh, this is the Inuyasha song: Every Heart -minna no kimochi-. I like the chorus bit, which is repetitive, but catchy (surprising, this song doesn’t start with the chorus). BoA’s voice sounds thicker here, but it also sounds like she’s having some vocals problems. The song itself has quite a beautiful that sings nicely, typical of a ballad.

The English version is really hard to understand, due to BoA’s not so great English. At first, I thought it was some other language, before I concentrated really hard and realized it was English. Meh, maybe if someone with better English sang it, I might like it better.

Overall Rating: