Carpenters – I Won’t Last a Day Without You

Release Date: March 25, 1974


A-side: I Won’t Last a Day Without You
B-side: One Love

Yay! I Won’t Last a Day Without You is the first Carpenter song I have listened to, and I instantly fell in love with it. As usual, Richard takes such awesome care with the instrumentals, and they suit Karen’s voice perfectly. Her voice is absolute win! The lyrics are simple and sweet, but listenable at the same time. Can’t forget about the melody too; it’s nice and low, which brings out the richness of her lower register (she can make the higher notes seem so easy to reach too). Such a soothing song to listen too.

Richard Carpenter is truly GOD because of his amazing instrumentals. One Love has a beautiful and calming opening before Karen’s voice comes in with a slight vibrato. The harmonies throughout the song add the Carpenter touch on the piece, and complement her voice completely. Makes the entire song seem even more pretty than it already is. The lyrics are so innocent, and her voice adds that extra touch onto the song, making it seem so pure, yet mature at the same time.

Overall Rating:


Carpenters – The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

Release Date: 1977 (Sorry, I can’t find the exact date for this)


A-side: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
B-side: Merry Christmas Darling

We have another classic! The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) is covered by (the) Carpenters in this single. Karen’s voice is pure and laidback in this song, creating the wintery atmosphere (that I’m experiencing now; I’ve lost all feeling from my toes xD). I’ve always loved her covers of classic Christmas songs. The lyrics are the typical Christmas lyrics, but it creates this warmth that could only be fully exprienced in this song. Such a pretty song, especially with Richard’s vocal and instrumental arrangements (the harmonies are so good!). Simple, but a classic nonetheless.

Overall Rating:

Carpenters – Merry Christmas Darling

Release Date: November 20, 1970


A-side: Merry Christmas Darling
B-side: Mr. Guder

Ah, what would Christmas be without the voice of Karen Carpenter? Merry Christmas Darling is not what you would call a traditional classic (since it was written by Richard Carpenter), but it feels like one. The lyrics speak of a person missing their loved one, who they cannot spend Christmas together with. It’s happy, but sad at the same time. As usual, Karen’s voice is pure win, but it has this warmth in this song that brings out the Christmas in Merry Christmas Darling (it also has this haunting quality to it). The melody is relaxing and low; it suits her voice perfectly (as expected of Richard). The harmonies at the end just add that extra touch which makes it a Carpenter song.

A haunting triangle, acoustic guitar, and flute start off the next song, Mr. Guder. This song is one of the songs that still had Karen playing on the drum set (which means it’s pretty early in their career). Unlike the A-side, this song is  more mellow and dark. The melody moves along faster, and creates a sense of urgency. There’s this one part where the melody alternates between Karen and Richard (the babadaba part xD), that just makes the atmosphere of the song even more haunting. They end the song (the sung part) by singing in harmony (a very nice effect), and the flute closes off the piece.

Overall Rating:

R.I.P Karen Carpenter; if only singers nowadays had the pure win voice she had.