Fukui Mai – Lucky

Release Date: December 3, 2008


1. Lucky
2. Rain-bow
3. Lucky (Instrumental)
4. Rain-bow (Instrumental)

Woot, another single! Like the single before, Lucky is a ballad, but in a much more different style. The words are sung at a faster pace, given this piece a upbeat feeling, but still has the laid-back-ness of a ballad. This sort of style is quite unique in the mainstream pop scene, giving a nice break from: A) sad, slow ballads; or B) ‘ballads’ that are so upbeat they can hardly be considered ballads anymore. I love the electric guitar and the piano in the background; it adds that flare into the music. The melody is quite catchy, considering it’s a ballad.

Rain-bow is more laidback than the A-side, and also a ballad (a more traditional type). It’s a nice contrast to Lucky. The melody is also quite catchy, like the track before it, especially the chorus. It has beautiful phrasing, and nicely compliments Fukui’s voice (which is deep and layered anyway). Rain-bow is like those power ballads from the early 2000’s, or like the types you’d expect Celine Dion to sing!

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Fukui Mai – Ai no Uta

Release Date: August 20, 2008


1. Ai no Uta
2. My Song For You
3. Ai no Uta (Instrumental)
4. My Song For You (Instrumental)

I love how Ai no Uta starts off with piano and strings. So calming! When Fukui comes in, the song livens up, but still has that calm feel to it (well, it is a ballad). The melody for the chorus is very pretty, and the rest of the melody just swoops down on you. Her voice isn’t like the typical female Japanese artist; think ayaka, but a bit less thick. Nonetheless, a strong A-side to a strong debut single.

My Song For You is another ballad, similiar to the previous track, but a bit more on the happier side of things. It begins with a short piano introduction before Fukui’s vocals start. I actually think that Fukui puts more emotion into this song than her A-side. As usual, the chorus is very powerful, with English (yes ENGLISH, not ENGRISH).

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