Hirano Aya – RIOT GIRL

Release Date: July 16, 2008


3. MonStAR
4. Ashita no Prism
5. Breakthrough (Album Ver.)
6. Bouken Desho Desho?
7. Aimai Scream
8. Yorokobi no Uta
9. Maybe i can’t good-bye
11. Harmonia Vita
12. For you
13. Hoshi no Kakera

Wow, this album is LOUD (my first reaction).

This is starting to sound like some American rap song, at least at the beginning of LOVE★GUN. We have Hirano singing (or is she speaking?) in a rough manner. The background music is so synth-y and pop-like; so happy (@_@). I really don’t like the vocals in this song, because it sounds like Hirano’s trying to be too edgy most of the time, and it really isn’t easy on the ears.

As expected, HERO is another LOUD rock song. I must admire her energy though; I wouldn’t be able to handle this. HERO sound very similar to the previous track…this must be her usual genre. Hirano’s voice is rather weak though, and the background music really covers her voice. I think she needs more singing lessons, or just stick to voice acting (I know, that was mean, but it’s the truth).

I’d like to ask Hirano if she meant to write monster instead of MonStAR. The weird capitalization is startling too. At least we get a calm introduction in this song before the thumping beats are back to attack my ears (it’s softer than the first two songs though). The melody is so…uninteresting. I feel like I’m listening to the same song with different variations. My ears are starting to hurt (T_T).

Ashita no Prism is yet ANOTHER loud, rock song. At least the melody is a bit more interesting in this song, and Hirano’s vocals are slightly better. The chorus is rather weak though, because her voice is almost completely covered by the instrumentals.

Honestly, I’ve never heard the ‘single’ version of this, so I’ll just have to believe that Breakthrough (Album Ver.) is different. I like the guitar solo introduction at the beginning; kinda groovy. This song has a jazzy feeling to it, but it may just be the brass instruments blowing away in the background. The melody in the chorus is quite nice too, if Hirano didn’t miss that last note.

Ah, finally something from ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya‘. I wished she put in God knows… instead though; it’s a better song. Bouken Desho Desho? does bring back great memories though. This song actually sounds different from the usual songs she has, despite being a rock song. I’m pretty sure this is the opening theme song.

Oooo, car sounds at the beginning before we get into happy mode once more. Aimai Scream is another generic Hirano song. I don’t even know what else to write anymore, without repeating myself.

Yorokobi no Uta is a bit more mellow, and has a more mature tone to it. Hirano finally uses her more mature voice, which I like the most. This song is calmer than her hyperactive songs, and makes a happy Taelin! The melody is also more consistent than the previous songs. This may be one of the only songs I like from her.

Just when the album was taking a better turn, we get into Maybe i can’t good-bye. Yes, I finally realized it is in English (well, Engrish to be precise)!

NEOPHILIA: when I first saw the title, it reminded me of Neopets. It has an interesting beginning, to say the least. Hirano’s voice is also more mature here, though the loud background music makes it hard to hear. I like the melody here though, but this won’t go down as a favourite song from her (music is too loud to hear her voice).

The next tack, Harmonia Vita, takes us to some darker rock music, which I prefer over Hirano’s usual. This album is finally improving! The melody is quite lovely (I wish she didn’t sing so softly, because the background music overpowers here), and quite interesting. She uses both her higher and lower registers, which is an improvement from before.

For you takes us back to happyland, and Hirano’s cutesy, sugary vocals. I miss the darker side (sigh). This track is easier on the ears than most of her other songs though.

I like the piano introduction to Hoshi no Kakera. Finally, we get a ballad; quite a soft one too, with only a light piano accompaniment. This is officially my favourite song from her, apart from God knows…! I like the calming feel it has, in contrast to all her other songs. The guitar solo near the end of the song is pure WIN!

Finally, we come to the final and the title track, RIOT GIRL. This song takes us back to the happy, hyper beats of Hirano’s usual music. This song is kinda of a disappointment from the awesome previous track though (sigh).

Overall Rating:

A lot of her songs sound the same, and the only thing that saved this album were the darker, and less ‘in-your-face-happiness’ songs.


Hirano Aya – Unnamed World

Release Date: April 23, 2008


1. Unnamed world
2. Maybe I can’t good-bye
3. Unnamed world (Off vocal)
4. Maybe I can’t good-bye (Off vocal)

First off the list is Unnamed world, a rock song (to be put bluntly). Hirano has a girly, yet not girly voice (it’s hard to describe). This song has so much energy in it, though her voice seems slightly overpowered by the pounding background music. The melody itself is quite uninteresting though, except the chorus, which proves to be different.

Maybe I can’t good-bye (LOL at the Engrish!) is another rock song (it seems to be her genre). I think she’s trying to sing English, but I can’t understand it. At all. Hirano’s vocals seems really strained in this song. Maybe I can’t good-bye sounds a lot like American music though, especially the melody. I still can’t understand what the hell she’s singing…

Overall Rating:

Yeah, it’s THAT bad.

Hirano Aya – Haruhi Suzumiya Character Song

Release Date: July 5, 2006

1. Parallel Days
2. SOS Nara Daijoubu
3. Hare Hare Yukai
4. Parallel Days (off vocal)
5. SOS Nara Daijoubu (off vocal)
6. Hare Hare Yukai (off vocal)

1. Parallel Days
This song is an uplifting song (well of course, it is Suzumiya-san ‘singing’ this!), and leans very heavily on the guitar and drum set. The vocals are quite strong, though it leans towards the girly side of Hirano’s voice. I must say, the electric guitar steals the show here, with its stunning solo between the chorus and the second verse. The lyrics of this song speak of being optimistic, even though you may feel down. Reading the lyrics translations, the lyrics seem very VERY hyper.

2. SOS Nara Daijoubu
Oh wow, they even have a song for SOS. Another really hyper song that speaks about Haruhi’s feelings towards SOS. In the song, it describes her everyday life being brightened up by the club. The instrumental carried the entire song, in my opinion. Hirano’s vocals are still girly here (I miss her mature voice), but that may be to suit Haruhi’s voice.

3. Hare Hare Yukai
I swear the beginning of the song sounded like something out of a Mario game. The lyrics come in, bringing us into another uplifting song. What happened to the sad side of Haruhi?! I think the melody saved this song (only because it was catchy..). Anyway, I didn’t like this song. The vocals are too idol-y again.

Overall Rating: