Ito Yuna – trust you

Release Date: March 4, 2009


1. trust you
2. Brand New World
3. koi wa groovy×2 -dj-passion More Passion Remix-
4. trust you -GUNDAM00 Ver.-
5. trust you -instrumental-

trust you is the newest Gundam 00 ED. Unlike your typical techo-like Gundam songs, this song is more of a typical ballad, complete with the strings. Ito seems to have more matured and stronger vocals from her older stuff (which I have on my iPod for some reason). The melody for the chorus is catchy, yet quite beautiful at the same time (the English seems out of place though…). When she reaches for the higher notes near the end of the chorus, she has so much power behind her voice and hits them perfectly (seriously, she improved so much since her 2007 stuff). The song ends with a different and longer version of the chorus, and a nice piano solo.

The B-side, Brand New World, brings us back into more Gundam like music (despite this not being part of the Gundam franchise). This song is more of the typical happy Ito style: the strong beats, fast-paced lyrics, and cheerful melody. Unlike the previous song, she seems to have more trouble reaching the higher notes, but that may be because of the sound effects. This sounds like Beuatiful World for some reason.

Though I’ve never heard the original koi wa groovy, the ×2 -dj-passion More Passion Remix- sounds really Mexican. It has the feel of a dance track (I think that’s what Ito wanted it to be). The bongo drums really bring out the party aspect out of it. I don’t think this is a song meant to be seriously listened to, but just heard while partying. Personally, it’s not my favourite song.

The Gundam 00 version of trust you is basically a TV size version.

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Ito Yuna x Celine Dion – Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~

Release Date: January 16, 2008


1. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~
2. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~ (USA Mix)
3. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~ (Ito Yuna Solo Version)
4. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~ (Instrumental)

I think Celine Dion is one of my all-time favourite artist, so I couldn’t resist but download this when I first saw it. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~ is a duet in Japanese and English, with both artists singing in both languages. Yes, I believe that Celine Dion can sing in any language now! She’s the one who starts off this song in English, before Ito comes in in Japanese. In the chorus, both artists are singing, but Dion easily overpowers Ito (well, she is stronger vocally). Ito still holds her own though. It’s also the place where Dion sings in both English and Japanese. The melody is beautiful, and the song is pretty good in general. A sweet ballad to listen to at times (or be addicted to it…*cough*).

Next comes the U.S.A Mix of Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~. It’s basically the same thing, but I bit simpler in the instrumentals.This was the version that was included in Dion’s Complete Best album. Last but not least is Ito Yuna solo version of the song (it’s completely in Japanese, except for the two phrases at the beginning of the chorus). I prefer the duet version of the song over the solo version, because it just loses that charm without Dion’s voice in there. Well, it is there sometimes as backup, but it’s still odd to me.

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