K – 525600min. ~Seasons of Love~

Release Date: November 5, 2008


1. 525600min. ~Seasons of Love~
2. LISTEN ~Seasons of Love~
3. A Year A Lifetime ~Seasons of Love~
4. 525600min. ~Seasons of Love~ -less vocal-

525600min. ~Seasons of Love~ has a very unusual introduction for a Christmas-themed song, but after that, the song is completely Christmas-fied! Personally, this song doesn’t have the best vocals, but it’s alright, since it’s a Christmas song! (see the bias I have? XD) The instrumental just screams ‘holiday’, as does the melody, but it’s also not so Christmas-y in a way. I’m a bit iffy on this song though.

After the happy, holiday themed A-side, LISTEN ~Seasons of Love~ brings us K’s signature ballads, holiday styled. There’s this one part where K uses his lower register, and that was absolute love! The title of the previous track is repeated here in the background in the chorus, linking the single together (a neat idea!). K’s voice is better in this song, but the melody doesn’t shine as much as the previous song.

The last B-side, A Year A Lifetime ~Seasons of Love~, is another ballad, but more acoustic this time around (with the piano and strings). And yes, my wish of K using his lower register is finally granted here! I think it’s richer than his upper register and falsetto, but I guess he likes using those better, since he quickly reverts back into those in the chorus. And once again, the title of the first song is repeated in the chorus, but this time in the melody, not the background. This song is just a short, little and nice ending for a holiday themed single from K.

Overall Rating:


K – Only Human

Release Date:November 23, 2005


1. Only Human
2. Together Forever
3. Steppin’Out
4. Only Human (Instrumental)

Yes, like most people, I first heard Only Human in the J-drama, One Litre of Tears. This song has calm instrumentals, with the piano being the main accompaniment. It is a ballad, typical of K, and his most well known song up to date. The melody is quite depressing, and K sings it with the right emotion too.

Together Forever is a completely different song from the previous track. All throughout the song, there are background vocals that hum (making sound like a blues song) while K sings. His voice is also a bit different here; it sounds more…kiddy. I’m not a fan of this song, but it’s alright..I guess.

We get some serious synth with the last B-side of the single, Steppin’Out. It’s not until a minute in that K starts to sing in English. His English is kind of hard to understand though, and the melody isnt’ that interesting either.

Overall Rating:

K – Girlfriend

Release Date: July 27, 2005


1. Girlfriend
2. Play Another One
3. Just The Two of Us
4. Girlfriend (Instrumental)

Girlfriend has a nice and spooky introduction, but gives way to K’s famous ballad styled songs. K’s voice is very emotional in this song, but it sometimes cracks at the wrong time. He uses the lower, deeper part of his voice, which is quite rich and warm. The harmonizations in this song are done quite well; they greatly emphasize the part they are sung at. In terms of the melody, it is a typical melody, though somewhat catchy at the chorus. In general, the song sounds like something out of a JE boyband (in a bad way).

Eh, Play Another One sounds like some retro, hip hop song. K’s English needs work in this song, but it’s not that bad. This is really not my type of song, but it’s nice to hear K singing something else apart from emotional ballads. His voice is really edgy and raw in this song, which is a nice change. This song gets annoying after a while though.

Like the previous track, Just The Two of Us needs some English work, since it is an all English song. We head back into soft ballad like songs, in contrast to the previous track. K’s vocals are so much weaker in this song though which is a huge disappointment.

Overall Rating:

K – Dakishimetai

Release Date: May 11, 2005


1. Dakishimetai
2. Memories
3. Just Once
4. Dakishimetai (VOCALLESS)

A beautiful piano introduction starts off Dakishimetai, a slow ballad. K’s voice is very floaty in this song, and gives off a sad feeling. He sings Dakishimetai with quite a bit of emotion too. The melody of the song is simple, and also allows K to go into his falsetto at times.

Memories also begins with a piano introduction, with a bit of synth. Like the last track, this song is a ballad, but a bit slower. K’s vocals are warmer in this song, and sound a bit more hopeful. The melody of this song is more virtuostic than the last, but still quite simple in nature.

The last track, Just Once, has the best piano introduction of all; it sounds really classical, yet modern at the same time. Like the last single, the last track of this single is also a cover of an English song. K’s English has improved from the last single, but still needs to be polished. On the other hand, is voice sings this song quite nicely, with emotion.

Overall Rating:

K – over…

Release Date: March 2, 2005


1. over…
2. Taisetsu na Hito
4. over… (Original Karaoke)

A piano introduction starts the A-side of this single, over…. When K hits the first note of the song, it sounds weird to me, almost as if it is out of tune (hmm.). This song is ballad, something K is famous for. The chorus is the best part, as the life of the piece is in the chorus, and the melody is powerful. K’s vocals seem a bit weak in over… though, and and his falsetto is lacking. I liked the string interlude near the end of the song, before the chorus comes in again.

Next up is the first B-side, Taisetsu na Hito. The introduction has some synth, with light strings in the background. Like the previous track, K’s first note in the song seems out of tune. I guess it takes him a while before he starts singing in tune? This song is another ballad, and it sounds a lot like the last song, with less energy. K’s voice is stronger in this song, and less strained, but it doesn’t save this track.

Another piano introduction for the last B-side, ONE LAST CRY (acoustic piano, FYI), and the intro is long. It’s K singing in English! His falsetto is back in this song, and his English is quite good (not perfect though). Sometimes I can’t understand what he is singing, but most of the time I can. Although the song itself is only accompanied by piano, K’s voice does seem a bit too soft. I think this is a cover of some song.

Overall Rating:

Not impressed, K, not impressed.

K – Only Human (English)

Wow, I am too bored for my own good. Here I go again, with matching English lyrics to K’s “Only Human.”

Only Human
Artist: K
English lyrics: Taelin

They said there’s a smile, a smile that’s bittersweet
Opposite from hurt, it lies beyond the sea

They said there’s a smile, a smile that’s bittersweet
Opposite from hurt, it lies beyond the sea
Up ahead the path, about to reach that place
What lies there, beyond this road, waiting for me?

Should have flew, beyond the sky
Never tried, but ran away

Chase this dream, never turn back
All along, back on that summer day

If I saw what the furture was, I wouldn’t be able to breathe
I’ll move on, don’t look back, to the past
Go against, like a boat, the strong tide

Some say there a place, a place that’s full of pain
Happiness awaits, in a corner deep inside
I’m still searching for, a silent memory
A lonely heart, a ragged breath, all at the end

Waiting for the sun to shine
As I slowly clench my fists
Tears would fall when nothing’s there
Falling down, onto my blood-stained hands

If I’m used to being lonely
Will I find my soul in the moon?
If I fly, far away, with my broken wings
Maybe then, I’ve move on, far ahead

If the sky, suddenly, were to cry
Then the road ahead, won’t be dry
Paths ahead, will be tough, in the deep darkness
I’ll find strength, I’ll have hope, from the light
I’ll fight on, in my mind, I’ll find me

K – Only Human

“Only Human” starts out with K singing a cappella, and then the piano comes in after the beginning fades away. The rest of the song consists of a light accompaniment with K’s vocals. The song has a sad, depressing tone to it. Actually, it’s one of those songs that can make me cry (the other song on this list being “My Heart Will Go On”).

Like many others, I had first come across this song in the Japanese drama, “One Litre of Tears.” I think the lyrics of “Only Human” match the main character’s (Aya) very well. Even though she has a terminal illness, she still has an optimistic view towards things. The last line, “I’ll move forward, and be strong,” ends the song with a strong message.

To be put simply, “Only Human” is truly beautiful.

Overall Rating: