Kuraki Mai – Winter Bells

Release Date: January 17, 2002


1. Winter Bells
2. Thankful
3. Always ~Gomi’s Lair Club Mix~ (Radio Edit)
4. Winter Bells (Instrumental)

Ooo, Winter Bells is so Christmas-y! It has such a Christmas feel to it, right down to the bells and background choir. Kuraki has a pretty deep and hollow voice, making the song sound happy but mellow at the same time. A nice combination, in my opinion. I wish the background music didn’t cover her voice though, because while it’s pounding in my ear, I can hardly here Kuraki. The song does create a dreamy and happy atmosphere though, which matches the Christmas mood very nicely.

Thankful is more mellow and laidback compared to Winter Bells. This song is more like your typical (Christmas) ballad, with the slow beginning and slowly building into the chorus thingy (wow, I suck at English). Kuraki seems to be putting more emotion in this song than in the last piece, from what I can tell. Maybe the song just evokes more emotion than the previous happy happy song. The Engrish bothers me though (“I am so sanksssfulll”).

The last song, Always ~Gomi’s Lair Club Mix~ (Radio Edit), sounds like another Christmas ballad song, but I’m not sure if it is. This song sounds heavily mixed, with the focus being on the beats instead of the melody, so I don’t really like it a lot. It seems more like a dance song than anything though.

Overall Rating: