Nakagawa Shoko – Tsuzuku Sekai

Release Date: September 10, 2008


1. Tsuzuku Sekai
2. Through The Looking Glass
3. Tsuzuku Sekai -Instrumental-
4. Sorairo Days feat. 8bit Project -spiral Chiptune Mix-

I love the beginning for Tsuzuku Sekai; it’s just so mysteriously spooky but not really at the same time. That fades away to the pounding rock music, complete with the guitar solo (^.^). I’m surprised at how strong Nakagawa’s voice is, considering she is an idol. It’s not the usual girly type of voices you hear from idols; rather, it is quite deep (as in timbre, not pitch) and mature. The song itself is quite up and down; happy sounding at one point, and kind of depressing at another place.

On the contrary, Through The Looking Glass is a happy pop-rock song, and Nakagawa’s voice goes into idol mode (so girly; it’s hard to believe the previous track was sung by the same person). This song is the cutesy type of songs that are happy to the point where it makes me shiver *shivers*.

Overall Rating:

Gahh, I’m not bothering to review the remix because it’s like, almost 12 in the morning. *is going to be dead tomorrow*