Wakeshima Kanon – Suna no Oshiro

Release Date: November 12, 2008


1. Suna no Oshiro
2. skip turn step♪
3 Suna no Oshiro (instrumental ver.)
4. skip turn step♪ (instrumental ver.)
5. Suna no Oshiro ~orgel ver.~

Suna no Oshiro starts off with an ostinato solo in the cello, creating a deep sense of urgency before Wakeshima’s whispering voice creeps in. I think I can hear the violins and organ in the background too. The melody in the chorus is absolutely gorgeous though; it’s not as creepy as I thought it was before, but quite nice. I wish she’d use more vibrato on the cello though, just to add to the atmosphere a bit more. Wakeshima’s voice is not that strong here though, but the instrumentals and melody make up for it.

Wow…skip turn step♪, unlike the previous song, is quite uplifting, with the upper strings starting off the piece song (sorry, classical me talking there). This is a cute little song, something VERY not Wakeshima’s style, but pretty interesting. If I heard this randomly, I would think it was H!P or something. It’s very cutsey; not my type of song, but okay nonetheless. One more thing: guys probably wouldn’t karaoke this (with the ‘atashi’ and stuff XD).

Suna no Oshiro ~orgel ver.~ sounds like someone is winding up a music box, and has the melody of Suna no Oshiro in that kind of music box way. It would be cute, but it’s kind of creepy too (like those horror movies you see with the music box, and you know something bad is about to happen…*shivers*).

Overall Rating:


Wakeshima Kanon – still doll

Release Date: May 28, 2008


  1. still doll
  2. Kuroi Torikago
  3. still doll (Orgel Version)

1. still doll
*cue cello* It starts off sounding like Mozart, until the bells come in. I like the runs right before Wakeshima comes in. The melody is creepy, gothic-ish. What also surprised me was her use of ‘atashi’ instead of ‘watashi’ (maybe I’m just hearing this wrong). The cello cadenza after the first chorus had 1 out of tune note, but otherwise, it was really really really good. The English threw me off though.

2. Kuroi Torikago
I hear violins in the introduction, and then BAM!; a totally different style of creepy music. This is way faster than still doll, and somehow it is making me type faster too (weird)! I love how she always manages to incorporate the cello into her pieces. Wakeshima’s cello playing makes up for her slightly weaker voice. This song is creepy, but more uplifting than still doll. I love how the piece song (sorry, still in classical mode) ends with a low..C? on the piano (I don’t have perfect pitch).

Overall Rating:

Not my piece of cake, but good nonetheless. Very good debut single.