Tokyo Shounen

Wow, all I can is wow after watching this movie. The storyline is so good, and the acting is superb. Sadly, there are only Chinese subs, and they’re simplified too. I can read only a little bit of Chinese, and simplified Chinese isn’t my strong point too. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Not your usual love story.


Minato befriends Night whom she thought is a boy her age. Yes, a boy, and she sends letters to him. That’s how they communicate. Then, Minato fell for this guy, and she told Night about it. Night gets agitated…coz he likes Minato. and so, begins this weird/awkward love triangle.

I can’t wait for this movie! I think it’s gonna be superb, given this good storyline. I just love movies with mental illness characters. Especially those that has personality disorders. I like it when actors/actresses are given a more challenging role to act as different or altogether the opposite personalities.

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[Jdrama] Last Friends – Ep. 3

Sousuke has gone from freaking me out, to a complete creep that knows no limits. Seriously, you burn yourself with cigarettes just to keep your girlfriend within your grasp?! Pulling on her hair is just so…evil too. Maybe later, I’ll be able to sympathize with him, but for now, he’s on my most wanted list!

Takeru has finally gotten some history in this drama now! I suspect the woman who phoned him was his step mother (or something like that) who sexually harassed, or raped him when he was a kid. It’s nice to know that Takeru gets some narratives too, apart from Michiru and Ruka.

Overall Rating:

[Jdrama] Last Friends – Ep.2

Wow. This drama get more and more intense with every episode I watch.

I have a feeling that Sousuke is more than just a DV (domestic violence) abuser. He’s a true psychopath! Who else would seriously cut off their own ear if their girlfriend was cutting a guy’s hair? I hear about jealously, but this is over the top. Sousuke the creep is starting to, well, really creeps me out.

Takeru’s sex phobia has finally shown in this episode, when he get really uncomfortable watching the two people in the movie start to make love. I think Ruka knows this, but doesn’t understand it fully.

Speaking of Ruka, she finally gets to race today! Michiru is there too (yes, Sousuke actually let her go and watch..for a while). Sadly for Ruka, she takes a wrong turn in the air (something like that) and gets into an accident. She wakes up in a hospital, and that is where the drama unfolds…

“Don’t hurt my Michiru!” ~Ruka

Sousuke is about to throw a chair on Michiru, and Ruka comes to defend her. What a wonderful way to end the episode! The first episode made more of an impression on me though..

Overall Rating:

[Jdrama] Last Friends – Ep.1

To tell you the truth, the only reason I have heard of this drama is because of Utada Hikaru’s Prisoner of Love. Needless to say, this did not disappoint at all. I mean, I DID watch it RAW (without subtitles). It was just that awesome. (For some reason, I sound like a fangirl rambling about her idol..)

Last Friends – Opening Video

I loved the opening video! The idea of Ruka sheltering Michiru with a blanket (allusion to the end of Episode 1), while Michiru’s boyfriend (sorry, I forgot his name in the drama, but he played Asou-kun in One Litre of Tears) is standing in the background. The main themes shown in the video were interesting too. My favourite part has to be the ‘red strings of fate’ that binds them together, all tangled up.

The first episode started with a dreary and overcasting foreshadow. Michiru states (set after the series), that someone is going to die. (I bet my two cents it’s going to be Ruka.) The ending shocked me too; Ruka kissing Michiru was really”O_O”.

Ueno Juri is a very versitaile actress; her Ruka is a 180 degree turn from Nodame. She’s brave to do the kissing part too. I’ll love to see her character develop and see the emotional turmoil inside of her.

The guy from One Litre of Tears is so convincing when he abuses Michiru. The murderous look in his eyes then look so genuine, it scares me a little. This is a big improvement since the last time I saw him in a drama.

Eita’s awesome as always, but his hair is always eyebrow-raising to me. His character is rather undeveloped as of now, but I’m quite interested of what caused him to have a fear of sex.

Since I’m at it, I might as well rate this episode!


Disclaimer: It’s a pretty mature show, and I won’t recommend this to..let’s say, 8 year olds or something like that.