Tokyo Shounen

Wow, all I can is wow after watching this movie. The storyline is so good, and the acting is superb. Sadly, there are only Chinese subs, and they’re simplified too. I can read only a little bit of Chinese, and simplified Chinese isn’t my strong point too. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Not your usual love story.


Minato befriends Night whom she thought is a boy her age. Yes, a boy, and she sends letters to him. That’s how they communicate. Then, Minato fell for this guy, and she told Night about it. Night gets agitated…coz he likes Minato. and so, begins this weird/awkward love triangle.

I can’t wait for this movie! I think it’s gonna be superb, given this good storyline. I just love movies with mental illness characters. Especially those that has personality disorders. I like it when actors/actresses are given a more challenging role to act as different or altogether the opposite personalities.

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